Prada Journal is the fourth edition of the competition created in cooperation with Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore and Luxottica. The latest edition of the project invites everyone to reflect upon the specific theme of the relationship between one's inner world and the world outside – the Inner Landscapes of each. To narrate this relationship, Prada Journal has chosen a contemporary language that links text and image, be it a photograph, video or illustration. Participating in Prada Journal means contributing to this creative process and generating digital content that expresses one's inner landscape. Once again, the eyewear from the Prada Journal collection becomes the chosen tool for looking at the world and exploring its every aspect. To become a Prada Journalist, you must register with the project website and share a photo, a graphic illustration, a video or a gallery of three images, accompanied by a text, that tells a story in line with the poetic message of the competition. Prada Journal combines the content of artists representing the project and that of its participants within the same medium to create a single narrative flow. It is a place for sharing personal perspectives to create a common vision.